Tampere Camping Härmälä

Leirintäkatu 8 

33900 Tampere

The Härmälä campsite is located 4 kilometers from the city center. You can reach the campsite easily with a bus from the city center. The bus stop is only 400 meters away. When arriving by car, please consult Google Maps for driving instructions.

For public transport timetables and routes, check the Nysse website:

We’d love to hear about your stay! Please leave us your feedback and ideas on how we can further develop our services. Use the form below to send us your comments.

    Billing contract 

    For business travellers we offer accommodation for all year around. 

    If you want to become our billing customer, please send an email to  

    We will need the following information for issuing a billing authorization: 

    1. Official name of the company
    2. Company address
    3. Business identity code 
    4. Contact person 
    5. Contact phone number 
    6. Contact email address


    E-invoicing (primary billing channel) 

    E-invoicing operator 
    E-invoice address 
    EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) 

    Email invoices 

    Email address 
    Paper invoices 
    Billing address 


    For example, a necessary reference to the invoice 

    After we receive your billing contract we will review your business information. If the company has no credit default entries, your company is welcome as our billing customer. Billing takes place weekly; the billing surcharge is €10 . Non accommodation services (for example, restaurant sales) will be paid on site unless otherwise agreed. Post invoicing is only possible for companies that are domiciled in Finland. We do not charge private customers. 

    You can find the customer register from here (file will open in a new window)