Here you can find more information about staying at Tampere Camping Härmälä. This page includes our booking and cancellation terms, campsite rules, traveler notification form, and answers to frequently asked questions.

We build sustainable tourism

Suomi Camping Oy and Tampere Camping Härmälä are committed to the principles of sustainable travel.

As a sign of our commitment to environmentally responsible activities, we have granted an EkoCompass Certificate.

As a recognition of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism, we have been granted Sustainable Travel Finland label.

Read more about sustainable travel from here


Booking and cancellation terms

Services or equipment can be booked in person or by phone, by email or on the electronic booking system.


Accommodation period in cottages starts at 4 pm and ends at 12 noon.

Accommodation period in caravans and tents starts at 3 pm and ends at 2 pm.

Camping cottages booked beforehand will be reserved for you until 6 pm, if late arrival was not agreed on.


The reservation is paid beforehand in our online store or at the latest on arrival. Bookings for special events are always paid beforehand via the website or by issuing an invoice.


The maximum number of people allowed in one residential area equals to the number of sleeping accommodations and additional beds. The number of people should be indicated in the passenger form no later than during check-in at your arrival. You are not allowed to exceed this number.


Minors are welcome to stay in our accommodation. We require that every minor has with them a free-form consent letter written by the guardian. The letter must entail a phone number of the guardian. All guests staying in the accommodation are responsible if the property is intentionally damaged or stolen. We will inform the guardians and if needed, the police.


All cottages include heating and beds according to the capacity, with as many pillows and blankets.


You must wear linens on beds, they can be rented at the reception or when making your booking. You can also bring your own linen or a sleeping bag with you.


Toilets, showers, and water/cooking spots are in separate service buildings. Many cottage types also include a fridge and a hotplate. You can find more detailed information about the cottage types from cottage descriptions.


Normal final cleaning is included into the accommodation cost of camping cottages. The guest is expected to empty the fridge and carry empty bottles and garbage out to a waste collection point. If you have rented bed linen, please leave them stacked on the bed.


Smoking is allowed only outside of residential areas. For smoking indoors service staff has the right to charge an extra fee associated with the cleaning and ventilation expenses.


You are allowed to bring your pets with you, but you must always inform us about it beforehand. Pet accommodation for the whole period of your stay costs an additional fee of 10 euros. Pets are not permitted to be on the bed or on the couch so make sure you bring something they can sleep on, if needed.


If your arrival is cancelled, cancel your booking immediately by phone or by email. You can read more about our reservation and cancellation policies from the pdf file "Booking and cancellation policy" below.

Passenger card

You can fill in and print your passenger card beforehand to make your arrival faster! Click the link "Passenger card" to open the file.


Below are answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, or you can’t find the answer from our website, please contact us! 

Is it possible to check-in before 4pm?

The cottage is at our previous customer’s use until 12pmIf we have a lot of customers, we have approximately 100 cottages that need to be cleaned. Of course, if there are not so much to clean at once, cleaning can be ready earlier. You can ask the possibility of earlier check in a couple of days before the arrival date.

What happens to my booking if I arrive after 6pm? 

If you arrive later than 6 pm, please inform our reception, preferably already when making the booking. Bookings that have been paid beforehand will not be cancelled even if there is no notification.

Am I allowed to use the services if I am not staying in the accommodation?

Yes! The restaurant is open to all. In addition, you can book saunas and other rental equipment from the reception or by sending us an email.

Can I book a sauna if I am not staying in the accommodation?

Yes. You can make your booking on our website or at the reception.

Can I bring pets to the area?

Yes, pets are warmly welcome in the accommodation areas but they need to be on a leash. Please make sure you pick up after your pet and throw all waste in the mixed waste bin.

Am I allowed to bring my pet in the accommodation?

Yes, but advance notification must always be made. Please make sure that your pet has its own bed, if necessary, a pet's place is not on the bed or couch. The fee for pets in the cabin is €10 for the accommodation period. If you are staying in a tent or a caravan, there is no need for notification or fee.

Do you sell any alcoholic drinks in the restaurant? Can I buy or order food as takeaway?

Yes, we do sell alcoholic beverages in our restaurant, for example mild alcoholic drinks and wines. You can both order and buy food as takeaway. You can buy mild alcoholic drinks (that can be taken with you) from the kiosk.